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Journal title International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Issue
Initials IJAIMI
Frequency Two issues per year [May and November ]
DOI Prefix 10.56705
Online ISSN 3025-4167
Editor-in-chief Huzain Azis
Publisher Yocto Brain
Accepatance Rate -

The International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Issue (IJAIMI) is a premier, peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the integration and advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) in the medical field. The journal aims to serve as a global platform for researchers, clinicians, engineers, and other professionals to share their findings, methodologies, and innovations related to AI's application in medical diagnostics, treatment, patient care, and health systems.

Key Topics:

  • AI-powered diagnostic tools and imaging
  • Predictive modeling in patient care
  • Machine learning applications in genomics and personalized medicine
  • Robotics and automation in surgery and rehabilitation
  • Natural language processing for medical records and patient communication
  • Ethical considerations and implications of AI in medicine
  • Integration of AI in telemedicine and remote patient monitoring
  • Deep learning in drug discovery and pharmaceutical research
  • Neural networks in epidemiology and disease outbreak prediction
  • AI-driven health informatics and data analytics

Publication Frequency:

IJAIMI is issued twice a year, with editions releasing in May and November, focusing on emerging trends, transformative research, and paradigm shifts at the intersection of AI and medical sciences.


Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 2 (2023): International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Issues
Published: 2023-11-30


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